Start buttons used to be a huge part of gaming. I’m not a programmer and don’t really understand code, but I think it was because earlier machines needed a start button to initiate the program. I’m thinking of the old Atari Pong controllers that had the solitary start button and what I’d assume is a joy stick in the middle. I don’t know, I’ve never used a Pong Paddle thinger.

I have used modern controllers all the way up to the most technologically advanced PlayStation 3 and Xbox360 Controllers. Both of which have Start buttons. The function of these buttons is not to start though, I don’t think I’ve played any game where I would need to press the Start button to initiate the game. I’ve seen the screen prompt me to press the start button, but I press X (predominantly a PS3 user). The function of the Start button, paradoxically, in nearly all games is to Pause.

Yes, it does the exact opposite of start. This isn’t new, it’s a popular convention, but it is still completely to the contrary of the button’s description.

Now, if a computer doesn’t need a historical start button to start running it’s script, then what are you waiting for? If you have the resources to do it later then by all means use your resources. We aren’t though. We’ve excused ourselves because we get comfortable.

Being comfortable is easy. Sadly, it’s often associated with achievement. We’ve earned being comfortable because of our recent achievements. Sorry bro, we’re comfortable the moment we stop moving. Walk all day, and then sit down, anywhere bro just sit down. We’re comfy now. Don’t let being comfortable prevent you from moving. If your uncomfortable then you’re adjusting and probably learning. Just keep it at it. Being comfortable is over rated. If you can enjoy a good night’s sleep, that is comfortable enough. Don’t spend your wake hours being comfortable.

Being Comfortable is over rated.

Just Press Start, Dude.