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The Slacker Society (then titled the Intellectual Slacker Society) originally launched in 2011 as a website dedicated to promoting procrastination. Here’s an excerpt from our original website that launched in 2011: 

“In a world chronically afflicted with the continual pressures of work, projects, exams, meetings, deadlines and billable hours, we are here to provide you with a pleasant reprieve from it all. With the sole purpose of distraction, the ISS is dedicated to those who seem to be slacking off and missing the point, when in reality are the ones truly in control of their prosperity. Think outside your mind. Become an intellectual slacker.”

TLDR: Why put it off until tomorrow when you can do it the day after tomorrow? 


Today, our goal pursuits remain ever-focused on realizing that dream: to share interesting perspectives from gaming, sports, entertainment, science, and pop culture. Promoting procrastination, one byte at a time. For now, we’ve got a podcast and a blog. Stay tuned for some of the freshest content around.

The Slackers


Original slacker, Co-Host of BrownBoxCast

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Original slacker, Webhead.

n64 controller


Original slacker, Game reviewer, Co-Host of BrownBoxCast

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