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Top-rated Resources

Resource-overload is very common. We compile information and links for the greatest evidence-based resources out there. More importantly, we'll tell you how to most effectively use them to stand out above the rest.

Customized Daily Schedule

We'll customize a daily schedule for the pace, style, and goals that you have. This includes pre-dedicated, dedicated study, and the last 2 weeks leading up to your exam. You'll never have to worry about what to study.

Key Recommendations

Every individual has a unique Step 1 profile consisting of previous assessments, preferred resources, study style, target score, and weaknesses. We provide key advice based on these factors.

Test-day strategies

In order to make the last couple of weeks leading up to your test a much more pleasant experience, we provide tips and strategies from what to do 2 weeks before, 3 days before, and on Test day itself.

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